scheduleCompare is a tool I created during the summer between my sophmore and junior year in high school. I had noticed that other students were sharing their high-school schedules by creating a note or image on Facebook and then tagging friends they wanted to compare schedules with. I figured there was a better way, so I came up with the idea of a web app that would allow users to enter their high school schedule and would automatically compare their schedule with all other schedules submitted to find out who the student shared classes with, and what those classes were.

scheduleCompare also allows you to view other users’ entire schedules, if they permit, and view a complete list of classes you have with any individual person. It uses a PHP backend and some small JavaScript for the front end along with the HTML and CSS (all written from scratch) to make entering and editing schedules extremely fast and easy. Features of the application include full user registration, session management, access control/permissions (must be logged in to view schedules), a contact form, and basic Facebook social integration.

You can visit the app by clicking on the “Launch Website” link on the sidebar to the right.