Flexile is a clean, modern forum style I developed for the then-recently-released XenForo forum software. As one of the first serious styles released for XenForo, it remains the most downloaded style to date and has been updated over 15 times.

When developing Flexile, I found that the one aspect of forum styles that I most disliked was their unoriginality. While using a 3rd party style is certainly better than sticking with the default style of the forum software, your site still looks similar to all the other forums running that style. It can be very hard to customize a style to fit the unique look and brand of your forum, especially if you aren’t comfortable with HTML and CSS.

To fix this problem, Flexile makes use of modern CSS and innovative transparent image overlays to allow users to customize every color in the style using XenForo’s built-in color selection options. This allows users to quite easily customize the style to fit the brand and identity of their forum, just by using a few intuitive color pickers and hue sliders.

Flexile continues to remain updated and supported, and by my estimation is currently used on hundreds (perhaps thousands) of XenForo-based forums across the internet.