Parallel Perpendicular Productions is a film/video production group that I’m involved in with some close friends. Naturally, when we formed the group I was tasked with building the website. I wanted something that was professional-looking and also somewhat minimalist and easy to navigate. Because all of our films would be displayed on the website, it was especially important that videos were displayed in an engaging and pleasing manner. I elected to use Vimeo as the video host and ultimately also added a cool “lights on/off” switch that allowed you to watch the videos “in darkness” on the page if you wished. The result is a very simple video page that puts the primary focus on the film.

Because I was unlikely to be the only one managing the site, and because the site had to handle a lot of identically-formatted content, I designed the site, built it in static HTML/CSS, and then rebuilt the entire thing using ExpressionEngine as a content management system. This allowed us to easily add films and bio content through a simple admin interface, with the new content being displayed properly throughout the site. In the end, it drastically reduced development time and allowed me to avoid repeating lots of code.